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Shakespeare Quiz

1. What is an iamb?

A: An Iamb is the stress and unstressed syllable of the word.

What is iambic pentameter?

Iambic pentameter is the stress and unstressed of the word that used in the verse or sonnet. You need to have specific beat for reading it. The rhythm will sounds like your heart beat.

u / u / u / u / u /

Ex: Oh no, my hand is reaching out for you.

2. What is the rhyme scheme for an English sonnet? For an Italian sonnet?

The rhyme scheme for English sonnet is ABABCDCDEFEFGG

The rhyme scheme for Italian sonnet is ABBAABBACDCDCD

3. What is the line of succession (who has power) in Macbeth? (Hint: Top 3)

He will either overleap or fall it to become king. Lady Macbeth has the power, because she is the one who tell Macbeth what to do.

4. How does the titular character increase his power? (Hint: The captain's report)

When he won the war, and the King has given him a hoer position. Then, he realized that for him to be able to fulfill the whole prophecies, he need to do something. Lady Macbeth has been the one that tell him what to do.

5. Summarize why Witch #1 was in a bad mood?

She was planning to take a revenge on a sailor, whose wife was refusing to share chestnut with him.

6. What are the three prophecies of MacBeth?

He will become the lord of Glamis

He will become the lord of Cowdor

He will be the king

7. What are the three prophecies of Banquo?

Less than Macbeth, but greater

Less happy more more happier than Macbeth

He will not be king but his son will be the king

8. "If chance will have me King, why, chance may crown me without my stir." (I.iii.143) Who said it? To whom? Translate to plain English?

Macbeth said it, he was talking aside to himself. It meant that if the chance want me, then it will happened without himself to do anything for it.

9. "Come, you spirits that tend on mortal thoughts, unsex me here... take my milk for gall.." (I.v.41, 48) Who said it? To whom? Translate to plain English?

Lady Macbeth was the one that said it. She was talking to herself. She wanted to be cruel, and take all of her woman's characteristic away. She didn't want to be the typical weak woman.


Sunday, October 21, 2012

Oh Dear Food

u     / u       /     u     / u       /      u       /
Oh pizza, hot-dog, away from my sight (A)
u         /      u   /  u       /    u /        u     /
You food are making life extremely tough (B)
u         /  u    /        u   /   u  /    u     /
When I swallow you up at lately night (A)
u        /    u /          u   /  u  /  u   /
My fats increase and I am in a huff (B)

u         /      u   /       u         / u     /    u         /
The smell of soup tempts me to eat some more (C)
u      /     u     /    u  /     u        /  u      /
Oh no, my hand is reaching out for you (D)
  u  / u      / u        /      u     / u     /
Calories deform my shape into boar (C)
u         /     u   / u      / u       /     u       /
The boys run away yelling the word "ew" (D)

u        / u      /     u        /      u      /       u  /
Yet, beside all that, you're my source of life (E)
u      / u    /     u  /       u      /  u         /
The civil war began when hunger's here (F)
u  /     u     /    u    /  u       /      u      /
I win the war by cutting food with knife (E)
u       /         u      /  u /       u      /    u    /
Oh food you're the hero that stop the tear (F)

u     /      u  /     u      /       u    /      u     /
My beautiful dear food, you may not know, (G)
u      /  u     /     u      /     u   /  u        /
But in my life, you play the leading role. (G)


Monday, September 17, 2012

Video Response Part 2

Medieval Lives 04 Minstrels

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Medieval Lives 03 The Damsel

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Video Respond to the Medieval Time Part 1

Terry Jones Medieval Ages Peasants

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Terry Jones Medieval Ages Monks

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Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Worse Jobs in the Middle Ages

Today’s we live in a comfortable world surrounded with high technologies, and people barely have to do any sweaty works. Most people are working in the skyscraper and sitting in front of theircomputer moving their fingers to get salaries. The businessmen and women arewell-dressed with self-confidence ready to work in an air-conditioner room.This is how people roll in this century. Now, can you imagine the life in the MiddleAges, where there were no air-conditioners, no computers, and no self-esteem.Sounds kind of scary right? Let’s travel back together with Tony Robinson andhe’ll show us all the jobs that the people did in the past.


The first dirty job is being a squire. The squire was a servant to a knight during the Middle Ages. The knights oftenfought eight hours straight with no toilet break. The squires need to clean 24 piecesof armors that weight 27 kilograms. It was super disgusting, and they need tomake ammonia (pee) to clean those up. However, the knights were not any better duringthe Middle Ages. When the knights were going on a war, they need to walk 260miles and 17 days, carrying irons and metals with no food and water. Followingup by the archery, there job was to kill all the half dead body after war. Itdoesn’t matter if it was your friend or not.


The second job was leech collectors.Leeches were important medical materials in the past. They suck your blood andalso suck the bad out. It was really uncomfortable with one leach clinging toyour leg. How about the collectors, they were cling by many leeches. Nevertheless,when you suck by the leeches your blood won’t coagulate, and it would getinfected easily. The doctor’s job wasn’t any easier. They need to performsurgery (barber surgeon) and they need to feed the patient with “magic tube”.The magic tube was 6 inches long and you would pull medicine in; not from yourmouth but the opposite side. The next job was the wart cure, usually handle bythe women. They would cut the eel, and put the flesh on your wart. Then, theywould bury the eel on the ground and when it decomposes then your wart will be cure.


The third job was breaking gigantic stone.During back then, there were no trucks or auto drilling machine to break thestone. They used metal and hammer to separate it. They use rocks to build cathedral,and it was all done by hand made. They would use lime to hold the brickstogether and use gas to burn the chalk into lime. But the gas was really poisonous;it would kill a person immediately. In addition, the treadmill worker was adanger job too; they helped lifting the heavy stuffs and usually they wouldhired blind people to do this job. Why? Because the treadmills were reallyhigh, and blind people can’t see the height. Finally, the last dirty job wasmaking ammonia with pee, and they would use the pee to tie up the wool.

Ok... I kind of want to vomit right nowafter seeing these jobs. Actually all of them were really nasty, but I thinkthe worse is the barber surgeon. I hate to see flesh blood, and every time whenI see myself bleeding I would want to cry, even if it is a super small wound.Therefore, I don’t think I can be able to cut someone. I rather go and collectpee from people than to cut someone’s body parts off.

If I really have to pick a job, I wouldlike to be a squire. Although, it was really nasty, and stinks, but I think I’llget use of it. First reason I pick this job was because it was safe compare withthe others and second you didn’t need to deal with blood or any cutting action.Now, do you feel like complaining about your boss or your jobs? Of course not, becauseour society right now are so much better than the past. If you feeluncomfortable about your jobs, think about the people in the past. You willfeel like you are nothing, compare it with them. So stop complaining andcherish what you have right now.


Sunday, September 2, 2012

Feudal System


Feudalism was a social system that was established by William the Conqueror during the Middle Ages. It was based on the level of command each man had. Generally, there were five levels in Feudalism. The highest was the King, following down by the lord, baron, knight, and peasant. The King gave lands to the lords; in return for the land, they need to provide food, money, and soldiers to support the king. Of course, the lords weren't the one that done these things. The lords would divided their lands to the lower classes, and they would worked for him. The knights were hired to fight for the kings, and under that were the peasants; they were the workers that farmed the land to provide food for everyone. However, in Feudalism they worked together to make the king rich.

Mnemonic for the feudal system

  • King
  • Lords
  • Barron/Vassals
  • Knights
  • Serfs/ Peasants



Kim chi


Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Anglo Saxon Period

My Script: During 499 A.D. the Anglo Saxon conquered what’s now modern day Britain. The Anglo Saxon originated from Denmark and Germany. Each of the many Anglo Saxon tribes was rule by their own king. They believe in fate. Before the Anglo Saxon, we didn't know who were the earliest inhabitants of the British Isles. But we know that Spain and Portugal, who brought late Stone Age weapons to Britain’s shores. After that the Celts were the early conquerors. The next conquerors of Britain were the Romans. In 55 B.C., General Julius Caesar invaded, but he failed and returned to France. Hundred years later, Claudius successfully conquered the island. It lasted for 300 years, and ended when the invasion of Italy. The Anglo Saxon came and drove out the Britons. Between the ninth and twelfth centuries, Norway, and Denmark invaded the British Isles, and cause to have war. However, Alfred has ended the conflict between the Anglo Saxon and the Viking; and brought the Anglo Saxon period to an end.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Beautiful Disaster

Open your eyes embrace the sky

Thousand of threats thrusting for me

I descend from holy heaven

My beauty has stunned the whole world

People anxiously aim for my name,

*Aphrodite Ahu it's my full name




Wonder who's the Aphrodite Venus

The Greek goddess deceive you all

Plastic surgery shape up her look

*Baby bowman follow along

Blasphemy spread throughout the world

Whosoever believe in her

Fool fits your name perfectly well




Surely, seeker I am the one

you have been waiting all along

Natural beauty base on my look

My flawless brings up the fierce war

With only a simple smile,

All faintly fall in love with me



Women whining in front of me

Plead painfully to return their men

Breaking men's heart it's my instinct

The *image of God beg for my love,




My beauty has cause the world war

Sacrifice myself on *holy woods

The whole world has gain back their peace

I'm the savior among you all

P.S. it's not boasting it's typical fact about Sally Wu




1. Aphrodite Ahu=Sally Wu


Ahu means beautiful in Turkish


2. Baby bowman: Cupid


3. Image of God: human being


4. Holy woods: the cross



Sunday, August 19, 2012


Kenning is a type of metaphore that use in poetry, and literary. In kenning an object is describe in two words. For example, ocean= whale road, scholar home= school and so on....


Talkative Owl: The Owl represent teacher, because I think Owl is a symbol of knowledge in animal kingdom, and talkative is the main characteristic for every teacher. 
Knowledge Giver: We come to school to learn new things from the teacher, therefore, teacher is also known as the knowledge Giver. 
Beautiful disaster: It's a beautiful to learn new things but sometime it's also a disaster for the student to accomplish their homework.
Favor of Nerd: Many teacher like the student who behave and study well in the class, especially the one who can answer all of the questions the teacher have asked.  

A Bus driver

Human transporter: The bus driver pick up people from places to places and deliver them to the right location. That's why I have named the bus-driver HUMAN TRANSPORTER.


God's character: We all know that God created us with love and everything that He have done for us it's base on love.
Cupid's target: In Roman mythology, Cupid is the "god of desire, affection and erotic love" Whoever, got shoot by his arrow will fall in love immediately.

A Computer

Eyes fascination: Once you look at the screen it's hard for your eyes to turn to other place. 
My life: Many people nowadays, base their life on the internet and they are obsessive with it. It's hard for them to live without technology. 

Life destroyer:  Bomb is a life destroyer, because once it explode you will die immediately without a chance for you to live.

Now your turn to guess~

1. Human waste collector.
2. Butt lounge
3. Big air-conditioner

1. A: Toilet All the waste from your body goes right into the toilet.
2. A: chair A lounge it's a place for you to rest and relax, and chair it's where you can sit down and let your whole body to relax. 
3. A: South and North pole: South and North pole it's the coldest place in the world; therefore, it's working like an air-conditioner that trying to balance the world's temperature. 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Burma Genocide

After the World War II, Burma had a weak democratic government. Therefore, some officiers in the military wanted to take control of the government. Due to this reason, the ir politic chaos. The government wanted to maintain power, and the civilian was against this. However, in order to accomplish take control over the people, the government killed at the site of the protest. During this issue, the government started to killed the minority group known as the Karens. They took away their religious and their human rights. However this crises is still continuing in today.


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Elie Wiesel timeline


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Schindler's List Time Line


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First diary to last diary

The first entry of the diary was from June 12, 1942 to the last entry August 1, 1944.

1942 June 12 to December 31 is 202 days
plus 365 days of 1943
and add 163 days for 1944, Jan 1 to August 1
is equal to 780 days
but the year 1944 was a leap year. Therefore, a day have to be added to the solution, so the answer is 781 days.
If include the end day, then the answer will be (782 days.)

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

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Jug of Silver

The story of the "Jug of Silver" it is talking about a Valhalla drugstore who was owned by Mr. Marshall. He came up with the idea about guessing the dimes and the pennies inside the empty jar. The closed guess will get to bring the jar home and spend the money. However, in this story, a little boy name Appleseed got the exact numbers in the jar. Therefore I think this story is an encouragement and stimulated story. I doubted that no one would excepted that the boy could owned the jar; But his strength and his faith has win all the people. I don't think it was a miracle that he got the exact numbers , it was just that he has stronger faith then anybody else. Once he set up a goal, he was trying reach it no matter what other people think about him. From this story I actually learned that, " Don't underestimated yourself, because faith could overcome hardship." In this story Appleseed has proved it to us, and he was only eight year-old. 

                            Now come back to the questions about the story

What is the role of the narrator in the story?
The narrator is  Mr. Marshall's nephew and he is a little boy. He works in his uncle's drugstore called Valhalla. He knows every detail of the events that have happened in the drugstore. Therefore, he was telling the story from his perspective.

Why do you think that the author chose to tell the story from a young boy's point of view?
I think it is because that usually kids are pure and they won't purposely trying to cover up the flaw truth. Kids usually talk straight forward about what they see, or what they hear. Another reason is in the story the AppIeseed is the main character, and he is about the same age as the narrator. Therefore, the author wanted to express the feeling more about the Appleseed through the young kids. In another way, I think the author wanted to compare Appleseed with the narrator, because they both are kids;  one is a normal kids, and another one is a unique kids. Through this way, the author could teach all the young people 'faith' and actually the narrator represent 'us'. 
 This is the reason why the author chose to tell the story from a young boy's point of view. 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

5 Languages of Love

What type of love that you would prefer to have? Touch, Time, Affirmation, Present or Action?
Everyone have their own loving style. Some people feel love when people touch them, and some people feel love when people give them present.
For me, I think 'time' and 'action' are really important . Usually, I am afraid to be alone, and I love to chat with my friends. This usually make me feel warm and happy. The least important one for me is 'presents' because I think usually people could give you present whenever they feel like to. It doesn't really meant too much for me. I still remember the time when I was in 7th grade, the whole class have celebrated for my birthday, and even teacher give us free time during that day. It was really sweet, and that, I considered to be the 'action' of love. Even though, that year I didn't received a lot of presents, but I felt complete already!
I think it is interesting to know what kind of love style you are. If you are not sure about that, you can try out the test at http://www.selectsmart.com/FREE/select.php?client=5lovelanguages. It helps you to understand yourself more, and it helps in your relationship too.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Imagine yourself standing in the middle of a spaciously room. The floor is covering with wood planks.
Once you close your eyes and listen, you can hear everything in the room, the  echo of your own voice, bugs crawling on the wall, water dripping down from the ceiling. Each tick of your watch makes you wonder what to do next.
In contrast, now imagine yourself in a room with a bed, a beautiful curtains beside the right and the left of the windows. The well knitted red and white carpet covering the floor and the sound of the radio singing the song that you like. 
Now, which room do you prefer to live in? I believed all of the people will choose the second one. But do you ever wonder why? Does it really matter? Both of them could keep you away from the outside world. Both of them could be a good shelter. So what's the big difference between an empty room and an abundant room? Obviously, you can tell by the word 'empty' and 'abundant'. In another word to say it,  one have furnitures, and the other have nothing in it. Why do you feel better to be in a room with furnitures? Then what is furnitures really mean. However, before I get into the deep meaning of it, let's talk about the story of 'Metamorphosis'. 
In this story a guy name Gregor, he woke up and he became a vermin. His family shut him in his room ; one day his mother and his sister want to take his furnitures out from his room. Suddenly, his mother changed her mind about it, because she thought that without the furnitures it would totally turned him into a vermin. Now, let me ask you a question, do you think the animals care about wether there are furnitures in their shelter or not. Of course not, therefore the mystery of what is a furniture is clearly solved. The furniture is the symbol of 'human needs' we need furnitures to be able to survive to be able to be comfortable. Actually, it works for all the creatures in the world, we just used different words to say 'furnitures' for the animals. 

EC: Numbers 15: 38-41

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What is a Human and what is a Person?

Do you know what is a person and not a human, and what is a human and not a person? It sounds complicated, but it is just a simple concept. Before answering these questions, we need to understand the meaning of person and the meaning of human. The dictionary defines person as a personality of a human being; and human defines as a characteristic of humans; having human form or the attributes of the being. Simply, it's just mean that human is the outside appearance and person is the inside of our behaviors. However, to be either one of them, you need to be a truth human first, which means you need to have both of the person and the human combines together. Then, it will evolves to one of the exceptions.
Let me explain it in another way:

Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Ironic Story

We know the story of Snow White eating the poison apple that the Witch has given to her. This story has been passing on for years. But today, the Witch is going to tell us what is really happening in the story. The truth of the Snow Whites is not what we have thought. People always view from one perspective and forgetting the other perspective.

My name is Queen Grimhaldi. You probably didn’t hear my name before, because people always called me The Witch or The Evil Queen. I am innocent through out my whole life. Before I begin the story, I want to say something; I did not poison my daughter! Anyway, this is how the story goes. I married to a king, who departed soon, leaving me as the ruler of the kingdom. During my harsh time, Snow White has become one of my constant companions. She is also my god daughter. I really like her not only because she is my lover’s daughter but also she is a sweet girl. However, the only thing I dislike about her, it is her beauty, which makes me jealous, I admit it.  Whenever, we went out together, people always look at her instead of me!
One day, Snow White asked, “ Mom, it is almost Christmas, let’s exchange gift! Like what the commoner will do ok?” her voice was filled with excitement, her smile has lighted up my jealousy again. “Sure darling, I would like to have a beautiful dress, that is similar like yours.” I replied her impatiently. Afterward, I went down to the basement of the castle. In the basement, there was a magic mirror, which can answer all things I ask. It only talks, when I ask it question.
In the basement, actually, it is a lab. I was making a magic apple that could make me into a most beautiful woman in the world. Few weeks passed and here was the apple. I tried one bite, my whole body felt like it was going to crush. My heart jumped inconsistently. It was hard to describe the feeling. However, I went to the magic mirror and I just realized that I became a super ugly, fat, and disgusting old grandma. “Man! Look at you! The ugliest woman in the world.” Even the mirror yelled without I even asked him any question. Suddenly, I have a resentful idea popping out from my brain. “If I can’t be the most beautiful one, then no one should ever take my place, even my daughter.” Therefore, I decided to make a poison apple to make Snow White sleep forever. After months without sleeping, I finally make a super poisons’ apple to be her Christmas gift.

Finally, Christmas came, people singing everywhere, the whole atmosphere was filled with happiness and the snow seems like it was dancing. I felt like everything was against me right now. As I was heading to her house, I tried not to walk beside the river. I didn’t want to see the reflection of myself at all. 
It was a long journey, since Snow White has met her new friends, who were the dwarfs and she lived with them ever since I was in my lab. I knocked the door for several times, but no one respond.   Therefore, I turned the knob and it wasn’t lock. I lighted up a candle and tried to find Snow White. Then I realized I was standing on her body! I quickly jumped back and tried to wake her up. She was holding a tuft of flower and lying on the ground. “ Why! Wake up Snow White! Please don’t ruin my delicate plan, which I have planned for months without sleeping and drinking! Eat my apple before you faint!!” I yelled at her, but still there were no respond. Suddenly, I saw a box right beside her. I opened it, and realized that it was my present, which I had been asking her for, the dress. I quickly took off my black overcoat, and tried to put on the dress, guess what, the dress was exploding, my body was too fat and I couldn’t fit myself in! I just remembered I was not the old me anymore.
How ironic! Not only can’t I wear the dress, and not giving out my poison apple, but people also blaming me for killing the Snow White, just because I was the only one there, when the 7 stupid dwarfs came back from their work. However, this is the truth of the story. You might ask me then who make the Snow White to faint? I have no idea. There are many way of saying it, some said because Snow White was allergic to the flower, and some said she got the disease of sleepiness from Sleepy. However, it is still a mysterious for us to figure it out. 

Three Things I Learned in Class

There are three things I have learned during the class. First, the parallel construction, which is making the noun to the noun and the verb to the verb. For example,
I am riding the bicycle, while I am talking to my friend.
If it is incorrect it will be like this,
Paul went to work, a restaurant, and to the movies.
Yea, as you can see,the sentence have missed the word "to" in the second item. So, the correct form will be like this:
Paul went to work, to a restaurant, and to the movies.
However in the sentence, you need to be either it is all noun, all infinitives, all gerunds, or all clauses. This is how the parallel construction works.
Second, the Oxord comma, it is the optional comma that used before the word "and" I have learned that in British people didn't put comma before the word "and" but in America people will use it. For example, We sell books, videos, and magazines. It is up to you to put the comma there or not. But if you are in Mr. Webb's class better put the Oxford comma.
Third, I have learned the tenses are very important when you are writing. We always forgot the right tense. If your essay is starting out to be present then you need to continue to make it present. The whole point is to be consistent when you are writing. People often make this mistakes, and it could be really confusing some time when it gets to perfect tenses.