Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What is a Human and what is a Person?

Do you know what is a person and not a human, and what is a human and not a person? It sounds complicated, but it is just a simple concept. Before answering these questions, we need to understand the meaning of person and the meaning of human. The dictionary defines person as a personality of a human being; and human defines as a characteristic of humans; having human form or the attributes of the being. Simply, it's just mean that human is the outside appearance and person is the inside of our behaviors. However, to be either one of them, you need to be a truth human first, which means you need to have both of the person and the human combines together. Then, it will evolves to one of the exceptions.
Let me explain it in another way:

Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Ironic Story

We know the story of Snow White eating the poison apple that the Witch has given to her. This story has been passing on for years. But today, the Witch is going to tell us what is really happening in the story. The truth of the Snow Whites is not what we have thought. People always view from one perspective and forgetting the other perspective.

My name is Queen Grimhaldi. You probably didn’t hear my name before, because people always called me The Witch or The Evil Queen. I am innocent through out my whole life. Before I begin the story, I want to say something; I did not poison my daughter! Anyway, this is how the story goes. I married to a king, who departed soon, leaving me as the ruler of the kingdom. During my harsh time, Snow White has become one of my constant companions. She is also my god daughter. I really like her not only because she is my lover’s daughter but also she is a sweet girl. However, the only thing I dislike about her, it is her beauty, which makes me jealous, I admit it.  Whenever, we went out together, people always look at her instead of me!
One day, Snow White asked, “ Mom, it is almost Christmas, let’s exchange gift! Like what the commoner will do ok?” her voice was filled with excitement, her smile has lighted up my jealousy again. “Sure darling, I would like to have a beautiful dress, that is similar like yours.” I replied her impatiently. Afterward, I went down to the basement of the castle. In the basement, there was a magic mirror, which can answer all things I ask. It only talks, when I ask it question.
In the basement, actually, it is a lab. I was making a magic apple that could make me into a most beautiful woman in the world. Few weeks passed and here was the apple. I tried one bite, my whole body felt like it was going to crush. My heart jumped inconsistently. It was hard to describe the feeling. However, I went to the magic mirror and I just realized that I became a super ugly, fat, and disgusting old grandma. “Man! Look at you! The ugliest woman in the world.” Even the mirror yelled without I even asked him any question. Suddenly, I have a resentful idea popping out from my brain. “If I can’t be the most beautiful one, then no one should ever take my place, even my daughter.” Therefore, I decided to make a poison apple to make Snow White sleep forever. After months without sleeping, I finally make a super poisons’ apple to be her Christmas gift.

Finally, Christmas came, people singing everywhere, the whole atmosphere was filled with happiness and the snow seems like it was dancing. I felt like everything was against me right now. As I was heading to her house, I tried not to walk beside the river. I didn’t want to see the reflection of myself at all. 
It was a long journey, since Snow White has met her new friends, who were the dwarfs and she lived with them ever since I was in my lab. I knocked the door for several times, but no one respond.   Therefore, I turned the knob and it wasn’t lock. I lighted up a candle and tried to find Snow White. Then I realized I was standing on her body! I quickly jumped back and tried to wake her up. She was holding a tuft of flower and lying on the ground. “ Why! Wake up Snow White! Please don’t ruin my delicate plan, which I have planned for months without sleeping and drinking! Eat my apple before you faint!!” I yelled at her, but still there were no respond. Suddenly, I saw a box right beside her. I opened it, and realized that it was my present, which I had been asking her for, the dress. I quickly took off my black overcoat, and tried to put on the dress, guess what, the dress was exploding, my body was too fat and I couldn’t fit myself in! I just remembered I was not the old me anymore.
How ironic! Not only can’t I wear the dress, and not giving out my poison apple, but people also blaming me for killing the Snow White, just because I was the only one there, when the 7 stupid dwarfs came back from their work. However, this is the truth of the story. You might ask me then who make the Snow White to faint? I have no idea. There are many way of saying it, some said because Snow White was allergic to the flower, and some said she got the disease of sleepiness from Sleepy. However, it is still a mysterious for us to figure it out. 

Three Things I Learned in Class

There are three things I have learned during the class. First, the parallel construction, which is making the noun to the noun and the verb to the verb. For example,
I am riding the bicycle, while I am talking to my friend.
If it is incorrect it will be like this,
Paul went to work, a restaurant, and to the movies.
Yea, as you can see,the sentence have missed the word "to" in the second item. So, the correct form will be like this:
Paul went to work, to a restaurant, and to the movies.
However in the sentence, you need to be either it is all noun, all infinitives, all gerunds, or all clauses. This is how the parallel construction works.
Second, the Oxord comma, it is the optional comma that used before the word "and" I have learned that in British people didn't put comma before the word "and" but in America people will use it. For example, We sell books, videos, and magazines. It is up to you to put the comma there or not. But if you are in Mr. Webb's class better put the Oxford comma.
Third, I have learned the tenses are very important when you are writing. We always forgot the right tense. If your essay is starting out to be present then you need to continue to make it present. The whole point is to be consistent when you are writing. People often make this mistakes, and it could be really confusing some time when it gets to perfect tenses.