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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Jug of Silver

The story of the "Jug of Silver" it is talking about a Valhalla drugstore who was owned by Mr. Marshall. He came up with the idea about guessing the dimes and the pennies inside the empty jar. The closed guess will get to bring the jar home and spend the money. However, in this story, a little boy name Appleseed got the exact numbers in the jar. Therefore I think this story is an encouragement and stimulated story. I doubted that no one would excepted that the boy could owned the jar; But his strength and his faith has win all the people. I don't think it was a miracle that he got the exact numbers , it was just that he has stronger faith then anybody else. Once he set up a goal, he was trying reach it no matter what other people think about him. From this story I actually learned that, " Don't underestimated yourself, because faith could overcome hardship." In this story Appleseed has proved it to us, and he was only eight year-old. 

                            Now come back to the questions about the story

What is the role of the narrator in the story?
The narrator is  Mr. Marshall's nephew and he is a little boy. He works in his uncle's drugstore called Valhalla. He knows every detail of the events that have happened in the drugstore. Therefore, he was telling the story from his perspective.

Why do you think that the author chose to tell the story from a young boy's point of view?
I think it is because that usually kids are pure and they won't purposely trying to cover up the flaw truth. Kids usually talk straight forward about what they see, or what they hear. Another reason is in the story the AppIeseed is the main character, and he is about the same age as the narrator. Therefore, the author wanted to express the feeling more about the Appleseed through the young kids. In another way, I think the author wanted to compare Appleseed with the narrator, because they both are kids;  one is a normal kids, and another one is a unique kids. Through this way, the author could teach all the young people 'faith' and actually the narrator represent 'us'. 
 This is the reason why the author chose to tell the story from a young boy's point of view. 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

5 Languages of Love

What type of love that you would prefer to have? Touch, Time, Affirmation, Present or Action?
Everyone have their own loving style. Some people feel love when people touch them, and some people feel love when people give them present.
For me, I think 'time' and 'action' are really important . Usually, I am afraid to be alone, and I love to chat with my friends. This usually make me feel warm and happy. The least important one for me is 'presents' because I think usually people could give you present whenever they feel like to. It doesn't really meant too much for me. I still remember the time when I was in 7th grade, the whole class have celebrated for my birthday, and even teacher give us free time during that day. It was really sweet, and that, I considered to be the 'action' of love. Even though, that year I didn't received a lot of presents, but I felt complete already!
I think it is interesting to know what kind of love style you are. If you are not sure about that, you can try out the test at It helps you to understand yourself more, and it helps in your relationship too.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Imagine yourself standing in the middle of a spaciously room. The floor is covering with wood planks.
Once you close your eyes and listen, you can hear everything in the room, the  echo of your own voice, bugs crawling on the wall, water dripping down from the ceiling. Each tick of your watch makes you wonder what to do next.
In contrast, now imagine yourself in a room with a bed, a beautiful curtains beside the right and the left of the windows. The well knitted red and white carpet covering the floor and the sound of the radio singing the song that you like. 
Now, which room do you prefer to live in? I believed all of the people will choose the second one. But do you ever wonder why? Does it really matter? Both of them could keep you away from the outside world. Both of them could be a good shelter. So what's the big difference between an empty room and an abundant room? Obviously, you can tell by the word 'empty' and 'abundant'. In another word to say it,  one have furnitures, and the other have nothing in it. Why do you feel better to be in a room with furnitures? Then what is furnitures really mean. However, before I get into the deep meaning of it, let's talk about the story of 'Metamorphosis'. 
In this story a guy name Gregor, he woke up and he became a vermin. His family shut him in his room ; one day his mother and his sister want to take his furnitures out from his room. Suddenly, his mother changed her mind about it, because she thought that without the furnitures it would totally turned him into a vermin. Now, let me ask you a question, do you think the animals care about wether there are furnitures in their shelter or not. Of course not, therefore the mystery of what is a furniture is clearly solved. The furniture is the symbol of 'human needs' we need furnitures to be able to survive to be able to be comfortable. Actually, it works for all the creatures in the world, we just used different words to say 'furnitures' for the animals. 

EC: Numbers 15: 38-41