Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Anglo Saxon Period

My Script: During 499 A.D. the Anglo Saxon conquered what’s now modern day Britain. The Anglo Saxon originated from Denmark and Germany. Each of the many Anglo Saxon tribes was rule by their own king. They believe in fate. Before the Anglo Saxon, we didn't know who were the earliest inhabitants of the British Isles. But we know that Spain and Portugal, who brought late Stone Age weapons to Britain’s shores. After that the Celts were the early conquerors. The next conquerors of Britain were the Romans. In 55 B.C., General Julius Caesar invaded, but he failed and returned to France. Hundred years later, Claudius successfully conquered the island. It lasted for 300 years, and ended when the invasion of Italy. The Anglo Saxon came and drove out the Britons. Between the ninth and twelfth centuries, Norway, and Denmark invaded the British Isles, and cause to have war. However, Alfred has ended the conflict between the Anglo Saxon and the Viking; and brought the Anglo Saxon period to an end.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Beautiful Disaster

Open your eyes embrace the sky

Thousand of threats thrusting for me

I descend from holy heaven

My beauty has stunned the whole world

People anxiously aim for my name,

*Aphrodite Ahu it's my full name




Wonder who's the Aphrodite Venus

The Greek goddess deceive you all

Plastic surgery shape up her look

*Baby bowman follow along

Blasphemy spread throughout the world

Whosoever believe in her

Fool fits your name perfectly well




Surely, seeker I am the one

you have been waiting all along

Natural beauty base on my look

My flawless brings up the fierce war

With only a simple smile,

All faintly fall in love with me



Women whining in front of me

Plead painfully to return their men

Breaking men's heart it's my instinct

The *image of God beg for my love,




My beauty has cause the world war

Sacrifice myself on *holy woods

The whole world has gain back their peace

I'm the savior among you all

P.S. it's not boasting it's typical fact about Sally Wu




1. Aphrodite Ahu=Sally Wu


Ahu means beautiful in Turkish


2. Baby bowman: Cupid


3. Image of God: human being


4. Holy woods: the cross



Sunday, August 19, 2012


Kenning is a type of metaphore that use in poetry, and literary. In kenning an object is describe in two words. For example, ocean= whale road, scholar home= school and so on....


Talkative Owl: The Owl represent teacher, because I think Owl is a symbol of knowledge in animal kingdom, and talkative is the main characteristic for every teacher. 
Knowledge Giver: We come to school to learn new things from the teacher, therefore, teacher is also known as the knowledge Giver. 
Beautiful disaster: It's a beautiful to learn new things but sometime it's also a disaster for the student to accomplish their homework.
Favor of Nerd: Many teacher like the student who behave and study well in the class, especially the one who can answer all of the questions the teacher have asked.  

A Bus driver

Human transporter: The bus driver pick up people from places to places and deliver them to the right location. That's why I have named the bus-driver HUMAN TRANSPORTER.


God's character: We all know that God created us with love and everything that He have done for us it's base on love.
Cupid's target: In Roman mythology, Cupid is the "god of desire, affection and erotic love" Whoever, got shoot by his arrow will fall in love immediately.

A Computer

Eyes fascination: Once you look at the screen it's hard for your eyes to turn to other place. 
My life: Many people nowadays, base their life on the internet and they are obsessive with it. It's hard for them to live without technology. 

Life destroyer:  Bomb is a life destroyer, because once it explode you will die immediately without a chance for you to live.

Now your turn to guess~

1. Human waste collector.
2. Butt lounge
3. Big air-conditioner

1. A: Toilet All the waste from your body goes right into the toilet.
2. A: chair A lounge it's a place for you to rest and relax, and chair it's where you can sit down and let your whole body to relax. 
3. A: South and North pole: South and North pole it's the coldest place in the world; therefore, it's working like an air-conditioner that trying to balance the world's temperature.